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Powder coating transfer machine

Powder coating transfer machine
Powder coating transfer machine
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Product Description

Machine Introduction

Powder coated conveyor complement is ThinkLink company launched powder series products. Is supporting the new powder coating machine painted up specially designed conveyor. This machine is mainly used for sending tanks and tank welds complement of inner and outer surfaces coated with a protective layer. I learn that the adoption of a large number of foreign advanced painted up and the tank transmission technology. The machine makes the novel structure, stable and reliable transfer tank, easy operation, wide applicability and cost-effective.

The machine has the following characteristics: 

·After the hop transmission frame: new post-hop transmission frame, can quickly make the transmission frame backward, upward panning. For the installation or maintenance welder at sizing rules allow more space. The new design with pneumatic components, so the operation is extremely simple and convenient, without having to manually move any parts, just push the pneumatic valve handle, can achieve transmission frame after jump functions.

·Suck dual belt transmission: synchronous belt transmission, the tank transmission more stable and reliable, accurate transmission ratio. Using inverted suction tank transmission, dual belt and disk distribution in the tank weld on both sides, transfer process, to tank more stable, less prone to jitter leaving the inner coating powder falling

·Variable transmission frame width: the width of the machine stepless transmission frame can accommodate a wider range of different tank diameter

·And treated continuously variable speed transmission rate adjusted so that the machine can be more flexible to adapt to different needs of users of different speeds.

·New powder coating machine with spray arm cantilevered work better. Spraying with cantilever arm with the work, the machine tank sending and spray arm does not have any connection, reducing the tank at the junction of the two machines deformation and jitter, making the transmission more stable and reliable.

Technical parameters

Transmission speed Max=80 m/min(Speed can be customized)
Coated speed Max=75 m/min(Speed can be customized)
Compressed air requirement Drying 0.6Mpa 0.4 m3/min
Power 50/60 Hz P=750 W
Dimensions (L × W Ãƒ— H 2500×550×1350 mm
Weight 约500 Kg



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